About Me

Today, I end my lifelong battle with technology. Today, I am facing my fears, hesitations and reservations. Today, I am going to LEARN.

This is my new mantra as I face technology head on. I am no longer going to be afraid to make mistakes. I am no longer going to be afraid to say, “I do not know.” This is something that a lot of us should do. You cannot know everything and having the power to know most things comes with the responsibility of know when to ask for HELP!

When did my fear of technology start? If I were to guess, it was probably when I took that programming course a long time ago in college. For our finals, we were supposed to come up with a program for game. Lucky for me, we had a guy who was pretty good at programming in our group. He even walked us through the programming steps, so we can answer any question during the presentation.

Well, ever since, I have not completely made my peace with technology. It seems like every which way I turn, I come face to face with yet new technology that I need to adapt to or learn. So, I am turning a new leaf. I say to you, bring it on! I am ready for battle and to learn something new.