Business’ Take on Corporate Devices

Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, or laptop computer, companies nowadays provide devices to their employees for various reasons. The main reason perhaps is, to ensure that work is being done wherever, whenever. Some may find corporate devices as an advantage, after all, this is free of charge as long as one is employed. However, the truth is, getting corporate devices definitely adds pressure and expectations.


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Some employees prefer the BYOD system simply because this not require them any responsibility in terms of handling a company owned gadget. Although this still requires the same level of attention, BYOD may be considered a more relaxed set-up for the employees and management alike.

While it is true that companies’ includes corporate devices in their annual budget, certainly companies would prefer to cut the cost with any possibility. However, this should not hinder the company’s intention of having the work done to ensure profitability and productivity.



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